Industrial & Machinery

Our clients operating within the Industrial/Machinery sector provide a large and varied range of products over the world.

Our clients in this sector manufacture material handling equipment, industrial control systems and various machinery applications.

Insight on Products:

Examples of products we supply in this sector include; engine harnesses, cable assemblies and control panels which are used in material handling equipment. We also manufacture control systems used in a variety of manufacturing and industrial applications.


Our Capabilities

We have a vast range of experience working within the Industrial/Machinery sector. Our range of services such as; PCB assembly, cable assembly, electro-mechanical assembly along with value added services such as design capability, vertical integration, test development and supply chain management place us in a prime position to operate successfully in this industry.   At our manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland, we have a “can do” attitude and offer flexible manufacturing alongside a problem solving ethos where activities such as reverse engineering, BOM creation and design for manufacture are commonplace.

Nitronica provide a high quality, first class, flexible services throughout all sectors including Industrial/Machinery.  It is these attributes that allow us to act as not just a manufacturer but also as an advisor and a partner

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