Cable Assembly

Nitronica provide a wide range of cable assembly & wiring harness solutions, varying in complexity & size while using a wide variety of cable type, terminations & connectors.

Our Capabilities

Flexible Volumes

Small, medium and high.

Fully Automated Cutting-Lines

Cuts cable to length and strip.


Everything from single cables cut to length and terminated to very large complex looms and harnesses.

Over Moulding

Machines with controllable injection time, cooling time & injection pressure.

Potting / Encapsulation

Using various potting compounds to aid vibration, insulation & to seal.


100% inspection & test.


Authorised manufacturer.


Production staff trained to IPC620 requirements & standards.

Added Value Activities

All of the above are supported by our Value Added Activities which include Cost Reduction, Quality Engineering, Design Capabilities and New Product Introduction.