We were delighted to celebrate our 20th anniversary as “Nitronica” on the 8th November 2022.  The big occasion was marked with on site celebrations and we welcomed some ex-employees including the founding Directors and the current owners the Pexion Group.

Nitronica were formed in 2002 after a management buy out from the previous owners of the business – Via Systems who operated solely in the telecoms sector.  The 4 new Directors; John Mellon, Seamus Mooney, John Hutchinson and Neil Harvey successfully diversified the business and won new contracts from various different industry sectors. 

In 2019 Nitronica was acquired by the Pexion Group headed up by Dave Brindle (CEO) and Darren Turner (CCO) who were both on site for the celebrations along with other senior management representatives from the team at Head Quarters.

On the day itself the guests were welcomed by the new management team at Nitronica and our current Managing Director – Chris McGuigan who provided an overview of the business as well as our future plans.  

Once the introductory presentations were completed, the Pexion representatives enjoyed a full guided tour around the facility allowing them to meet with all the functional teams at Nitronica who provided numerous presentations and demonstrations highlighting the quality of their skillsets and the cutting edge technology used to manufacture our product.

Before lunch, Chris said a few words to mark the occasion and thanked everyone for their contribution to the event and the success of Nitronica over the years. Dave Brindle then thanked and recognised everyone for their continued efforts and passed on his congratulations to the team.

To end up the day, lunch, which was supplied by Frenchies from Clough, was served by the members of the Nitronica Senior Team to all our staff and guests before the birthday cake was cut by Claire Martin who is our longest serving employee, starting work on the site long before Nitronica were even thought of in 1976!

We all had a fantastic day and we would like to thank all members of staff for their efforts in preparing for the event, their participation and perhaps, most importantly, their continued efforts in making Nitronica a success.  Furthermore, we would like to thank our guests on the day for taking time out to come and participate and share in our celebrations.

Happy 20th Birthday Nitronica!!